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Soybean Seed Production Plant Operations Manager #2790 (Southeast - Illinois)



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Southeast - Illinois


March 19th 2019

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This position is responsible for the coordination of plant resources (in conjunction with other location production leaders) to ensure timely completion of tasks as dictated by the Location Manager.

Coordinate and supervise any / all of the following: administrative activity – provide operating information and assist in cost control, plant conditioning operation, packaging activity, purchasing of operational supplies, and warehousing/shipping. This position ensures that the plant operates in an efficient and safe manner, ensures that all machinery and equipment is kept in the best working condition. As the coordinator of all production activity, the operations manager schedules all employee work activity, ensuring employee's ongoing compliance with ISO 9001-2000.

Train employees according to location training needs. Promote health and safety standards, maintain a neat and clean work environment, and successful team-oriented working relationships. The ability to perform as a team leader and accomplish detailed work is necessary. The operations manager is well versed in safety details, and assures that the entire staff is trained and follows the safety program initiatives of the company.

Explain work expectations to employees and help employees to develop skills to ensure their growth and development.

Summary of Activities:
Soybean Production Plant Operations Manager Responsibilities

  • Quality control procedures
  • Production plan development
  • Field inspections
  • Bin sampling
  • Operate & monitor conditioning equipment
  • Operate & monitor packaging equipment
  • Production scheduling
  • Inventory management & warehousing
  • Manages other activities as required

General Activities

  • Location ISO program
  • Location safety program
  • Personnel management, hiring & coaching activities

Education and Job Experience Desired:
Agronomy, Ag Business, and other Agriculture-related degrees will be considered. Interested candidates need to be energetic, hands-on, possess excellent communication and personal organization skills.

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